Our values

At DeMetrick Housewrights, we really care about finding the right fit with our clients. We believe in trust and shared values. The things that are important to us when building a home include long term durability, great indoor air quality, low energy use, waste minimization, and providing a great value to our clients. We are excited to share our deep level of craftsmanship and expertise in building science with you to build an exceptional home.

our process

When we first get your call, we’ll set up a time to sit down and meet with you face to face to learn more about your project. Whatever stage you are at in the planning process, we can help you find an architect that can help you through the design process, and develop a pre-construction contract to help you through the planning and preliminary estimating process.

From the very beginning, we’re committed to working with you to make sure your goals and budget are met. We provide regular budget updates with each invoice so you always know we’re on track. You can trust us to do what we say we will do, and communicate clearly and frequently.

Our experience in sustainable building and design means we’ll take care of the details of building science so you don’t have to. Building green is just the way we do things, it’s not an option or an add-on. And we build super low energy houses using standard building materials, not exotic products imported from Germany or Japan. From the solar panels powering our shop to the extensive recycling on every jobsite, sustainability is integrated into everything we do.