Building a Sustainable Future


At DeMetrick Housewrights, we really care about finding the right fit with our clients. We believe in trust and shared values. The things that are important to us when building a home include long term durability, great indoor air quality, low energy use, waste minimization, and providing a great value to our clients. We are excited to share our deep level of craftsmanship and expertise in building science with you to build an exceptional home.

When Craig Maynard decided to retire and buy a piece of land next to Saugatucket Pond in Peace Dale, he teamed up with builder Steve DeMetrick and architect Steve Baczek after touring one of their previous projects (see Mechanic Street Passive House) and decided he too wanted a certified Passive House.

When the Hevenor family approached Steve DeMetrick of DeMetrick Housewrights about building their new home in Wakefield, Rhode Island, they already knew that they wanted a Passive House.

Potters Pond

In progress - more details coming soon!